photo: lauren desberg

"Gretchen Parlato is a singer-arranger of consummate control and slow-burning intensity... lives at the crossroads of sensuous and spiritual, singing from deep within hypnotic grooves with enormous rhythmic sophistication." 
— Allen Morrison, Downbeat Magazine


new album coming soon!  

gretchen parlato FLOR has recorded a new album, we can't wait to share it with you! 

FLOR: gp, artyom manukyan, marcel camargo, leo costa
also featuring mark guiliana, gerald clayton.

all updates will be posted here...
stay tuned! 

flor : flower

a new project honoring my love and admiration of brazilian music 
a blossoming, an opening, an offering, a return 
both the nostalgia of something familiar, and the breath of something new 

our art reflects our life 
i'm finding the balance between artistic creativity and nurturing motherhood 
it's both higher and deeper in its meaning 

it's detail. it's paying attention. it's listening. it's giving 
it's rooted. it's growing. it's simple. it's mysterious 

flowers are fragile, intricate, intoxicating, beautiful, healing 
they represent our joy, our sorrow 
our connection to nature, our connection to each other 

i hope this music can serve the same purpose.


"Superb jazz vocalists are rare. But rarer still are artists that transform the music itself. The great transformers—Holiday, Fitzgerald, Vaughan, Carter and others left the stage long ago. When you see and hear Gretchen Parlato you will recall the magic of those jazz mistresses of yore and instantly realize, as have jazz cognoscenti everywhere, that that level of magic is with us once again." 
— Nick Catalano, All That Jazz